Why is it so hard to get followers on Instagram in 2021?

Anush Sahakyan
3 min readFeb 21, 2021


There was a time when you could use certain tactics and gain a lot of followers within few days. Some people found follof4follow or buying followers practical but that doesn’t work anymore. Let’s say that Instagram pods, buying followers, and becoming famous just like that are over.

Growing your Instagram account may not be as easy as it used to be. But there are some strategic tips and tricks you can try out.

Here are some reasons why you’re not gaining followers on Instagram.

You’re not engaging enough

Do you even reply when someone reacts to your Instagram story with a quick reaction?

You spend time creating your posts and planning them but don’t really spend any time on engagement. It is important to reply to the comments because if you don’t, your followers won’t feel valued and won’t keep doing it. This would negatively affect your engagement. Responding to all comments as quickly as possible help to:

  • Improve your chances of ranking as a Top Post, which helps to drive more people to your Instagram page.
  • Build social proof to attract new followers and advertisers to your page.

You are inconsistent

Consistency is key. Consistently posting the kind of Instagram content that your audience expects from you generally results in higher engagement rates.

When you’re using the platform as part of your marketing, consistency is vital. Brands that have recorded success on Instagram tend to have become experts at consistency. They use quotes, videos, memes, and visuals that their audience will quickly recognize and love to interact with

Posting regularly is essential to reach a higher audience, build trust and brand authority. It shows that you’re serious about the platform and about providing value to your followers. If you don’t post regularly your followers won’t become “loyal”, they won’t support you enough and you might even lose them.

Not using the right hashtags

The right combination of hashtags helps you reach new people.

Hashtags link your photo to targeted people and niches. These communities, groups, and people searching for content that’s relevant to them are less likely to see your posts without hashtags. Picking them is the hard part. You’re allowed to use up to 30 hashtags, so you should be using all of them. Choose a hashtag that is relevant to your niche. For example, if you are a business owner choose #business #businesstips etc.

Live video is your friend

Nowadays video content has become one of the leading and engaging ones. The latest research found out that people spent eight times longer watching live videos than on-demand.

These days people have a short attention span and consume video information better than texts. Videos are responsive, efficient, and appealing.

Hosting an Instagram Live can help boost your discoverability on Instagram. Nowadays video content has become one of the best and engaging ones. The latest research found out that people spent eight times longer watching live videos. Note that these days people have a short attention measure and apply video information better than texts. Videos are responsive, practical, and appealing.

The Instagram algorithm is insane and changes like the weather. It might seem harder to find a way to beat the Instagram algorithm, but focusing on your content, hashtags, captions, the strategy will help you in the long run.



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