What are the benefits of having an Instagram business profile?

If you’re an owner of a brand or business who is looking to create a following on Instagram and use the platform strategically, you’re going to need an Instagram business profile.

Instagram first introduced Business Profiles back in 2016. Since then many businesses have chosen to switch their Instagram accounts from a personal profile to a business profile.

At first, brands and business counts were wary about whether or not they should switch. But in 2021 switching to a business profile is a must.

Here are the main benefits of operating an Instagram business profile

Getting noticed

Before Instagram business profiles arrived, the only way followers could engage with a business outside of Instagram was to click their website link in their profile.

Once you give contact information for your business account, a contact button will appear in your profile. Instagram users simply have to click that button and then chose whether they want to email you, call you, send a message, or find your location.

PRO TIP. Use relevant hashtags and images that represent your brand.

Access to Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a primary analytics tool that gives data on follower demographics and activities, as well as your content. This information makes it easy to compare content, measure campaigns, and see how individual posts are performing.

To access Instagram Insights, you need a business account. If you convert a personal account to a business account, you’ll see Insights for any content after the switch.

NOTE: If at any point you switch your business account back to a personal one, you’ll lose all of your Insights data.

PRO TIP. For Competitive analysis, you can use VAIZLE

Advertise on Instagram and make promoted posts

Having an Instagram business account also enables you to create ads from within the app. The easiest way to run ads is by promoting posts that you’ve already shared on Instagram. Just select a post you want to promote, and then track how many people are seeing and interacting with your promoted post.

Promote one of your best-performing posts to get your content in front of a big audience, and promote your profile. You’ll increase engagement and followers, and these users may be more likely to interact with and purchase from your business directly with the new contact button on your business account.

PRO TIPS. To promote your engagement follow these tips

✔️ Post at the right times

✔️ Use geotags to boost local discovery

✔️ Organize your Stories into Highlights

✔️ Share user-generated content

✔️ Go Live regularly( go live from your PC or Mac)

Understanding Your Customer Base

How much do you know about your customer base?

Whether you’re a startup that has everything to learn about exactly who your target market is or whether you’re a seasoned company that’s just new to Instagram, there’s always going to be room to learn more about your target market.

It’s important to remember that a target market is more than just an audience with demographics and behaviors.
Instagram is a fantastic tool for learning the ever-changing likes and dislikes of your customer base and followers. You can see what kind of content they like best and are drawn to, and which they aren’t. You can see which accounts they love to follow and which they don’t.

Instagram’s algorithm is changing how and when users see the content you post. Upgrading your Instagram account to a business profile can definitely help you to beat the odds.

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