What are some unique and effective Instagram theme page ideas?

Instagram theme is the aesthetic look of your account. Having a consistent Instagram feed can improve your account aesthetic and create a permanent impression on your followers.

Having a great feed with consistent colors, editing and theme can often be the important factor if a person that lands on your account will follow you or not. The more consistent your Instagram feed looks, the more likely they will hit that follow button and look forward to seeing more from you.

There are so many various Instagram themes you can create, for example, borders or no borders, light or dark, puzzle or rainbow, etc. Keep in mind that your Instagram theme is a reflection of who you are and what you love. This is the first thing that the ideal followers will see.

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Here are some various Instagram theme ideas below to find the perfect theme for you.

Line in the middle theme

The Line in the Middle is usually made of quotes or colors on a white background.

White Instagram Theme

A simple, clean white Instagram feed is one of the most popular Instagram themes to create. The key to creating this feed is finding a white background like a white wall, bedding, or clothing.

Pink Instagram Theme

Pink Instagram theme is a bright and feminine theme that puts a focus on pink, white, and light colors. These colors can usually be found in florals, food, fashion, and accessories.

Black and White Instagram Feed

Black and white is a classy theme that will always be a great choice for a good feed for Instagram. Just about any editing app including Instagram itself, you can edit photos in black and white.

Minimalist Instagram Theme

To create a minimalist Instagram feed focus on showcasing one simple subject and open space around that subject. Use simple colors and lots of white space to create a minimalist look.

A neat theme should look simple, light, and consistent with a focus on a few colors. When creating a clean Instagram feed, you want the overall look to have a base color like white or a light color that will pull the theme together perfectly. When editing, only stick with a few colors in your edits and stay consistent.

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