The Most Effective Ways to Make Your Instagram Marketing Awesome This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, businesses are on the hunt for ways to celebrate the season and improve brand recall while at it.

Thanksgiving social media posts are an excellent way to get clients’ attention. They also keep your brand relevant during this season of being grateful — and spending serious cash

Is your business marketing well for the holidays? Are you driving traffic to your site, on to your store? Is your Instagram bringing you the engagement you need, resulting in the sales you expect?

Here are 12 Instagram tips to give your holiday marketing the boost it deserves.

Ask Questions

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Asking questions get people engaged, don’t you think? Throw in a dash of holiday-themed questions to your Instagram posts.

Include seasonal images that are cute, culturally relevant to your Instagram market, and relate to your products or brand.

Stir up controversy to get your posts commented on, double-tapped, and loved. Use a “this vs. that” type post. Ask your followers what they prefer — this or that.

To get the best engagement levels on these types of posts, make your subject matter holiday-related, and make it emotionally evocative. Keep it light and fun, too.

3 tips for asking questions:

  • Keep your questions short, simple and specific
  • Use a cute or fun holiday image
  • Write your updates with a very personable tone — to deepen customer engagement

Thank your customers

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Thank the ones who have eyes on your page and wish them a happy holiday directly. If you’re able, try to keep up with comments and direct messages within 24 hours maximum of their posting.

This will make anyone who engages with the posts feel like your business is one that really pays attention, rather than creating content just for the clout.

User-Generated Content (UGC) of Product

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Get your customers more involved with your brand and products. Make it fun for them to share their photos of your product during the holiday season.

The more emotionally vested your customer is, the more likely they will buy from you — and the more likely they will spend more too.

It’s easy to share photos on Instagram. Use a campaign-specific hashtag, and get your customers to tag you, so they use your name in their shared photos.

Videos for Holiday Sales

Photo by Nicolas LB on Unsplash

Take advantage of Instagram videos. They came out a few months ago, and they’re being used by brands everywhere.

Use stop motion to create a fast-paced feel. If you have a diverse demographic — try to include people from a variety of your market base in your video segments.

Live videos are very effective and engage viewers for longer. For live videos, you can include interviews, product demos, and Q&A with your viewers. To have high-quality live videos you can go live from your computer

Be Charitable (and Inspiring)

Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash

The holiday season is also a time for charity and giving. Show you’re a company that cares by supporting a charity. Then post it with inspirational quotes on your Instagram.

Choose a charity that suits your brand. For example, if you are:

  • a locally based store, support a local charity
  • a restaurant or grocery store, support a food bank
  • a global chain, support a global cause

Encourage your followers to support a charity of their choice, too. You’ll look like a very cool company who’s not imposing their choice on your young customers.

Quizzes and giveaways are so important. They are fun and entertaining and help you to gain more followers and keep your old ones appreciated.

It’s not too late to up your Instagram marketing game. Act on these tips, and increase your Instagram generated sales this year!

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