How to get free Instagram followers: 5 tips that actually work

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today with over 1 billion monthly users.

It is not easy to build your Instagram presence and gain followers overnight. It is a process that takes time effort and patience.

To use Instagram effectively, you need to build a solid base of Instagram followers. But it can be tricky for brands to figure out exactly how to make that happen.

Here are 5 tips for getting more Instagram followers that are genuine and relevant for your brand.

Write a compelling BIO

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The first thing anyone sees when they visit your profile is your bio and therefore it is a crucial part of making the first impression on your audience. You need to write a compelling Instagram bio to encourage people to follow you

Two-thirds of Instagram business profile visits are from non-followers. Those new visitors are all potential new free Instagram followers — but only if your bio and profile convince them to click the follow button. They won’t do so if your profile is unclear, incomplete, or unappealing.

The name and username fields mentioned above, your profile includes your website (a clickable link) and your bio.

Make the most of the 150 characters in your bio to convey your brand identity and show new visitors why they should follow you.

Use relevant hashtags

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Using hashtags is a tried and tested way to reach more people and gain more Instagram followers. You need to research which hashtags are trending in your niche and which are relevant for your brand and content. Then use a mix of these hashtags for all your Instagram content to reach people who follow those hashtags.

Including relevant hashtags can help people find your content after a search, or after clicking on a hashtag from another relevant post. Instagram users can also follow hashtags, so your hashtagged content may appear in feeds of people who do not yet follow your account.

NOTE: Avoid hashtag gimmicks such as #likeforlike, #tagsforlikes, or #followme. These may give you a temporary boost in followers. But they will likely be bots or people only interested in being followed back. And that won’t help you build a meaningful, engaged community on Instagram.

Try videos, live videos, and Stories

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Instagram is the perfect place to take advantage of live video, a trend that is continuing to grow on social media. Through interactive features like questions and comments, you can engage with viewers in real-time, creating more of that precious engagement that can help boost your reach.

Live videos appear within your brand’s Story. When the live video ends, you can let it disappear, choose to make it available for replay on your Story for 24 hours, or add it to IGTV. Users are notified when an account they follow starts broadcasting live, so a live video really grabs attention.

Instagram videos are highly effective at telling your brand’s story within a short time frame. Storytelling is a fantastic way to market your brand and create engaging images or videos. To have high-quality live videos you can go live from your computer.

Post consistently (at least once a day)

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Most studies found out that the more often you post, the more likes and followers you get. According to the study, profiles that posted seven or more times a week (or at least once a day) get more likes and gain more followers faster than those that post less frequently.

When users interact with your posts, the increased engagement gives you some good algorithm love. So giving your existing followers something great to interact with can help bring in new Instagram followers too.

The more often you post, the more likes and followers you get.

Post high-quality content

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Every post on your Instagram grid needs to be of high quality and visually engaging.

One of the key ways to grow your Instagram following is to post high-quality content that your followers like and would engage with.

When a new user visits your profile, the content should make them want to see more. It’s that wanting more that inspires a new visitor to click Follow.

Great content also encourages people to like, comment on, and share your posts. That engagement gives you an Instagram algorithm boost and helps you get more reach and new followers.

These are some of the best ways to grow your Instagram presence and gain more followers. Use these tips to see visible growth in your Instagram follower base and build a strong presence on the platform.

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