Can you use Instagram DMs on your MacBook in the most effective way?

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First of all let me say that while there is an Instagram app for Windows 10 users, there isn’t one for Mac yet.

Note that there isn’t an official Instagram app for Mac or any other computer for that matter. Even if you log onto the website from a browser, you can’t access your DMs through it. But…. Here is the solution

I will recommend you to use third-party apps.

I’m going to show you two effective ways for Instagram DM on your Mac.

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#1 IGdm

IG:dm is an application designed primarily for using Instagram DM on your Mac. It is limited mainly to the DM function. Other features include being able to view users who are not following you back. This is for those of you who only want to use the Instagram DM function from your Mac.

Step 1: Download IG:dm

Step 2: Launch and Verify IG: dm

After launching IG:dm and logging in, you will be prompted for a code that can be retrieved from your email. Simply log into the email connected to your Instagram account and enter the code.

You will be directed to the IG:dm interface. Simply type out the Instagram handle of whoever you wish to DM and chat away! You can even upload a picture from your Mac or send emojis.

Continue conversations

You will be able to continue your conversations from where you left off on the mobile app.

Disable Read Receipts

IGdm provides a setting that allows you to prevent users from receiving read receipts.

Quote Messages

IGdm provides a custom and convenient style of quoting chat messages within a conversation

Search for users

You can search for any user and start a conversation with that user.

2-Factor Authentication

IGdm has login support for accounts with two-factor authentication enabled.


View the list of users that are not following you back.

Save Videos and Images

You can save videos and images in the Instagram posts that a shared with you in a chat.

Note: This is for those of you who only want to use the Instagram DM function from your Mac. If you want to upload photos or view other users’ posts.

If you want to upload photos or view other users’ posts, skip this and proceed to Flume


This tool works on your Mac like Instagram does on your phone. You can use the Explore page, search for users, and more. It’s available in over 25 languages. However, only the Pro version allows you to upload a photo directly from your Mac or add multiple accounts. If you want only to use the DM function, just use the free version.

Step 1: Launch the Flume app.

After opening the app, you can move your cursor over the top to resize the window or change the view of your posts from a single column to a 3×3 grid.

Step 2: Click on DM Function.

To use the DM function, click on the icon at the bottom that looks like a paper airplane.

Step 3: Enter the user’s Instagram handle.

You will see a search bar at the top. All you need to do is search for the user that you want to DM and key in their Instagram handle. For example, if I want to DM Instagram to suggest an idea for a new function, I would type ‘Instagram’ in the search bar.

All that’s left is to type your message and hit Enter. You can even send emojis and upload photos (located on the left of the chatbox) just like on your iPhone.

Using PC or Mac when it comes to IG is a little bit of a ‘mess’. We all used to use IG via our phones but to keep it professional sometimes we mist switch to a computer.

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